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June 18th Bento

-Peanut Butter Oreos
-Milk Candy
-Onions Crackers
-Grape Tomatoes
-Baby Carrots
-Tuna Salad (goes with crackers)
-String Cheese

This is one of those "I'm out of everything" sort of deals.  However, it worked out since tuna and crackers is probably my husband's favorite meal.  The tuna is in a super cute silicon mold I found in the seasonal department at Target.  I was just thrilled to finally use it.
No bento this morning, though.  I wasn't feeling well and Hubs had to leave really early (and I didn't know).

I had my teeth (symmetrical, second from the back lowers) pulled Saturday and am still getting used to it.  My partial bridge is just really uncomfortable and still making it hard to chew (damn thing pinches). 
I'm leaving for Ohio Tuesday morning, around 1:00am.  It's all work related and I hate the drive, but I could use the extra money I'm going to make.  Hopefully, by the time I get back (around 3am the following Monday) I should be up to making myself real food again.

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