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June 30th Bentos

Bento Contents:
-Flatb Bread Sammies (Turkey for me, Ham for Hubs)
-Small Salad (Feta and Dressing for me; Feta, tomatoes and dressing for Hubs)
-Red Rice Sesame Crackers
-Bing Cherries
-Sugar Snap Peas (for Hubs)
-Orange Slice (for Hubs)
-Dried Apricot (for me!)

This was a very special bento day, for me.  This is the first bento I've made for myself in almost a month.  I'd been eating normal food (post teeth pulling and partial placement) for about a week but this was kind of special for me. 
In both bentos, the sandwiches were cut in half and stacked on top of each other.  That just made more room for everything else, even if the sammies squished a little.
Also, my lunch is in a new "bento" box.  I found it at Gordman's for a few dollars.  It's really nice, since the lid is a freezer gel pack!  So it was perfect for a salad and sammie!!
Tags: bento, cherries, obento, salad, sandwich

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