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My Bento Goodness
For Even My Non-Pretty Bentos!
Many Apologies! (Very Image Heavy) 
22nd-Aug-2010 08:13 pm
Right after getting back from Origins 2010, I was transferred at work and given more hours.  Granted, I'm living closer to work than I used to, but I've been busy with the extra shifts which includes weekends (which is killer due to working 1pm-9pm Fridays and opening Saturdays).
Since my last post, I've been to GenCon 2010 (again, working), been spending what time I have with family, making cupcakes, getting more involved in lolita fashion, and (of course) bentoing!

See!  Here's me in my white Fan+Friend dress in Hime Lolita!  This was a practice run for an outfit I was going to wear at GenCon, and my husband took the picture!

This is me in the outfit at GenCon!  The picture is with a random attendee dressed as Howl, from Howl's Moving Castle ( my favorite Miyazaki movie) and Calcifer!!

And here's some cupcakes!  The taco ones were for a fiesta!

As far as bento, I've made a lot.  If you're interested, please check out my DeviantArt page lostfallen-angel.deviantart.com They're in my food stuff folder.  I'm planning on trying to get this updated again, I just don't know when.
21st-Feb-2011 08:39 am (UTC)
You look very pretty in that dress! ^o^! Love those tights!
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