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September 1st Bentos!

Holy crap!  And no, I'm not messing with you!  These are Husband and my bentos from today (September 1st!)

Today's Lunches Include:
-Fried Rice (rice, egg and carrot with garlic chive garnish)
-Honeydew Melon
-Tomatoes (slice Mr. Stripey for Husband & Cherry Tomatoes on Kanzashi picks for me)
-Sliced up String Cheese
-Fresh Broccoli
-"Home-Made" Edamame with Salt and Pepper

I remembered this morning that I had half a Glad-ware container of rice left in the fridge, so I decided to throw together some fried rice this morning.  I pre-steamed the carrots, while frying the eggs and rice.  I'm not sure how long it took, but I know it was less than 10 minutes.
The most time consuming thing, this morning, was actually preparing the broccoli.  Normally, my mom soaks and cleans the broccoli before giving it to me (her insistence, not mine).  This last time, she didn't have an opportunity, so I had to.  I let it soak while I got dressed, and it took, at least, another 10 to pick through and get all the worms out.
I teased husband that, maybe, a butterfly would come out of the garbage can, again, in a few days.  However, when I drained the water, they all slipped through the drain trap.  (Truthfully, last summer I threw a broccoli worm in the garbage can (thinking it was dead.  Apparently, it crawled up onto the lid of the garbage can, and made a cocoon there - thus escaping having the garbage taken out.  About a week later, I opened the garbage, and there was a cute little cabbage butterfly hanging to the lid.  I took him outside and put him in the bushes near our apartment.)

I posted on deviantART this morning, that this lunch made me feel very humble and lucky to have the wonderful parents that I do.  Every single vegetable/fruit pictured came from their garden (I picked the carrots, tomatoes and soy beans myself yesterday).  
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