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Contest Bento - American Goldfinch

So, one of my deviantART groups was hosting a Creature Contest.  Initially, I wasn't planning on doing it - convinced that I was just, too busy.  However, one of the very sweet ladies in the group asked if I would be entering, so I decided I would and started looking for a creature to bento. 
Originally, I was just going to do a penguin.  I've done them before, and I can make them pretty easy and quickly.  However, somewhere along the way, I decided to bento my SECOND favorite bird (penguins are my favorite): The American Goldfinch.

I'd been getting ready over the weekend, knowing Monday was the only feasible day for me to do this (because it's pretty much the only day that Husband works and I don't.
Prep, sort of, started on Saturday.  I ran to the grocery store to get soba noodles, noodle sauce and short grain rice.  However, the store only had soba noodles.  So, Sunday I had to get all the rest from the Asian Market, and some lotus root, too (which was a last minute decision to add in).  Then, after Husband left for work, I made my purple egg sheet (for making a flower).
This morning, I got up around 5:45am (not really a big deal since I went to bed 1 1/2 hours early).  I set my soba water to boil and cleaned up the dishes that got left out last night and the counter. I finally got the rice started around 6:00.  While that was going, I sauteed my lotus root slices.  Then got the broccoli steaming.
One of the main semi-irritating things about this is that I was making a male and a female and they are different colors.  As such, I couldn't dye the rice while it was cooking (which saves me a lot of time).  Instead, I had to do it as the rice was cooling (yellow food coloring for the boy, soy sauce and a very little bit of yellow for the girl).

Here's my onigiri making station!

Once the rice was dyed, everything came together very quickly!  So much, in fact, I was slightly floored when I looked at the clock, after taking my final photos, and it was only 7:14am!  I figured I'd be working on this until, at least, 7:30!!

September 13th, 2010 - Bento Contents:
Lower Tier
-Soba Noodles with Onion Chives
-Female Goldfinch Onigiri (filled with tuna)
-Seasoned Broccoli
-Noodle Sauce
-Cherry Tomatoes
Top Tier
-Seasoned Broccoli
-Purple Egg Flower (I was trying to make a Thistle Flower...)
-Male Goldfinch Onigiri (filled with tuna)
-Wasabi Soynuts

I'm very proud ^-^

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