ladysiha (ladysiha) wrote,

Howl's Bento - Contest Entry

-Turnip-head salad (spinach, radishes, purple carrots, baby bellas, provolone, nori and dressing)
-Baked and piped sweet potatoes
-Rice with Furikake

This bento is for a Miyazaki contest.  I figured more people would want to do Totoro or Soot Sprites, but I wanted to challenge myself and make my favorite two characters from Howl's Moving Castle!  This was incredible to make! 
Turniphead's head is actually a radish, not a turnip (I thought it was kinda funny).  Everything was carved and cut out from hand.  All of his features are dyed using black food coloring paste (it was the only way I could get them to show up).  His hat is a baby bella mushroom cut to shape and with nori stuck to it for a dark color.  His suit was done similarly, but with cheese (the blue parts are dyed cheese!)
Calcifer is sweet potatoes that were baked, blended and piped.  His eyes are radish slices with nori cut-outs.  He's sitting on top of the only Thanksgiving left-over I bentoed with, turkey!  I just tossed it in a pan on high heat to get it to black up a little.  It gave the effect I wanted!

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