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My Bento Goodness
For Even My Non-Pretty Bentos!
June 13th Bento 
13th-Jun-2010 10:29 am

-Sweet Potatoes (with brown sugar and butter)
-Grape Tomatoes
-Thank You Berry Munch cookies
-2 PB&J Sammies (one with grape one with raspberry)
-Cheese Curds & String Cheese

Hubs doesn't normally work on Sundays, so I was not motivated to do this (partly because it's one of the two days a week we get to spend together).  I just wanted to do something quick, and use up those wheat rolls.  Took about 20 minutes, mostly due to lack of motivation and waiting for the sweet potatoes to cool.

On a side note, this is what I got to do yesterday!

I got to play photographer!!
All things considered, so did my sister and my mom.  This is my brothers two children (the older two) and my sister's little Bean.  My dad hinted at pictures of his grandchildren for Father's Day (and there's a set I'd like to frame and give my brother) so we all got together and made impromptu studios. 
In the first picture, those are beige sheets draped over an old radiator and the floor.  The lighting is almost all natural (I think this may be the picture I manually brightened, though).  My sister lives in an old Victorian house and the parlor windows are INCREDIBLE!  Perfect for a studio (I suggested she keep investing in different colored inexpensive sheets). 
For the second, my brother-in-law set up some hay bales for us by the barn.  My mom had the awesome idea to drape the blanket over the bumbo and press it in before setting Bean in it.  We used the same method in the first picture (but the hay picture was taken first).

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