June 12th Bento

Bento Contents:
-Rice with black Sesame
-Omelette with Ham, Provolone and Garlic & Onion Chives
-Steamed Broccoli
-Honey Almonds
-Baby Carrots
-Celery Sticks
-Hello Kitty Hard-Candy

So, I asked Hubs what he wanted for lunch, and eggs came up. I think he was thinking hard-boiled, but I made an omelette the other day and it was tasty, so I made him one today.

I heated up some left-over rice and made a little "ramp" to lean the omelette segments against. Then I just filled in with veggie goodness.

It was quite tasty, the one third didn't close up as well, so I ate it. As I said, it was very tasty.

Wednesday's Bento for Hubs

Bento Contents
-Grape Tomatoes
-Celery Sticks (with a container of peanut butter)
-Potato Salad
-Left-Over Pizza
-String Cheese

This was pretty much a quick throw together.  If I had lettuce, I would have wedged some into one of the sides of the pizza.  However, I finally used up the ridiculous amount of lettuce I had and haven't been able to get more yet.  The pizza is a Cheese Mountain from a Kwip Trip convenience store.  Seriously, if you live near a Kwik Trip and have never had one of their take-and-bake pizzas, they are awesome.


Bento Dump

June 1st

-Coffee Milk Jelly
-String Cheese Bites (on picks)
-Steamed Carrots
-Russian Fluff

-Russian Fluff
-Small Salad (Carrots, Tomatoes, Croutons, Dressing)
-Steamed Carrots
-String Cheese
-Honey Almonds

June 2nd

-Garlic Seasoned Potatoes (the instant kind) with Hamburger Gravy
-Steamed Carrots
-String Cheese

I bought that damn "Girl Gourmet" ice cream cookie sandwich maker at $14.99 just so I could get that cute mold!  I did use the rest of the stuff, though...

-Rice with Hamburger Gravy
-Salad with Tomatoes, Cheese and Croutons

June 4th

-Steamed Dumpling
-Rice with Sesame
-General Tso's Chicken
-Small Salad

June 5th

-Mini Onigiri filled with Left-Over Stir-Fry
-String Cheese

June 7th

-Potato Salad (from Kwik Trip)
-Fresh Strawberries
-String Cheese
-A Pretty Salad!

June 8th

-Wheat Roll (with margarine)
-A Banana
-More Fresh Strawberries
-Baby Carrots
-2 Hard-Boiled Eggs
-A Grape Tomato Balloon

I have, sort of, stopped bentoing for myself again.  The nerve pain is getting very severe and most of the food I have been able to eat wouldn't pack nicely in any of my bento boxes.  Don't worry!  I'm still packing and eating my own lunch (they're just not pretty enough to take pictures of).  Today I had vegetable soup & a hard-boiled egg.  I have fruit and To give you the idea how bad this had been, I'm almost  EXCITED to have a double extraction with partial bridge.  I can't wait to eat carrots, and lettuce and SUSHI again.  The worst part of this, honestly, hasn't been the pain but not being able to eat all the foods I normally do.  I hadn't had any veggies in almost a week (until I made soup)!

If I remember all of my stuff, I'll have Hub's lunch on here, again, tomorrow.


Sill Here - No Really!

 I know it's been a week since I posted anything, but I've been tired on a whole new level.  I've still got bentos (5 of them on my camera at home) to post, but I've been too tired to set up the pink laptop at home and upload the pictures.  Honestly, the last two nights, I've gotten home, eaten dinner and fallen asleep in my comfy chair (at, about 8:00).
I've been babysitting my niece on Thursdays and Fridays (next Thursday is my last day) and on those days I need to be up at 5am.  Regular work days I need to be up at 7am.  Suddenly, now, on my days off I can't sleep past 7:30, so I'm not catching up on sleep.  I often have wondered if I don't have sleep apnea because 1) if I get less than 9-10 hours of sleep, I'm useless  2) the ridiculous morning headaches and 3) it runs in the family. 
So, my last week went like this:
- Planting garden with my parents Saturday/Sunday. 
Now, some out there may think this is no big deal.  Planting garden is easy and a stress reliever.  Not with my parents (well, to be fair, it's still not stressful).  My parents have three LARGE gardens along with several berry patches.  To give some perspective, my dad planted sweet corn with a tractor and a corn planter.  To be fair, though, I really wanted to help this year because my parents special ordered me Japanese winter squash. shiso, napa cabbage and edamame soy beans (black ones. too!).  So, both days I believe it was well over 85 degrees and very sunny (but Saturday there was a good breeze which made it much easier).  We worked from 1:30 to (i think) 8 the one day, and noonish to 5 the other. 
Granted, on Sunday was our friends' annual Memorial Day burning stuff party, which helped out. 
Same old, up around 7:30/8:00 even though we got home at 2am.  Ran errands, got a cat tree since they were having a good sale at Pet Smart.  Ran down to my parents for dinner and to pick up the other car. (Hubs and I drove separate on Saturday)
Work, 2 bentos, slow day, Mass Effect in the evening
2 bentos. Since comics were coming in on Thursday, I decided to be nice and clean up the game room at work (since one of my co-workers normally does it on Thursday).  I spent the rest of my 8 hour shift, cleaning in (maybe) 5 minute increments, because every time I went in back, someone came in the store.  Seriously. I did almost $1,000 in sales on a day that I normally do, maybe, $400.
Home, ate dinner, fell asleep
Babysitting the Bean with Hubs.  Hubs sleeps all day, while I watch the baby and do wash for my sister (I offer).
1 bento, babysitting - PURE EXHAUSTION!

So, tomorrow I very well may die of lack of sleep.  I just CANNOT fall asleep while I'm watching the baby.  I've tried and it kinda sucks that I can't.  If all goes well, I will post 6 lunches tomorrow before heading down to my parents to do the rest of the wash.  Also, I made bentos for myself this week, but I've started having more problems, so I probably won't have any for myself next week.  That's why I like going to Mom & Dad's.  Mom keeps soft foods on hand for me and makes me smoothies.

On a side note - I won't be updating between June 21st and June 28th.  I will be in Columbus, Ohio working at Origins (a gamer convention).  I'm kind of excited because (besides what I'm getting paid to do this) I've wanted to get the Bean a stuffed Moogle, and I'm hoping I can find on there!

Bentos from May 28th & 29th - Issun Bento Included!

May 28th

Bento Contents:
-Salad (with tomatoes, zucchini, radish & dressing)
-Noddles with Carrots, Broccoli, fried tofu & peanut sauce

May 29th

Bento Contents:
-Provolone Cheese
-Egg Sheets
-Zucchini Slices
-Honey Almonds
-Stir-Fried Carrots

I made the egg sheets and colored the pieces for his bug hat when I got home the night before I made this bento.  Hubs told me that night that he'd need to be into work before 8am the next day (after I finished the egg sheets and such).  I could have just died, because I already started it, and that would mean I'd need to get up at 6am to finish it.  So, like a trooper, I got up at 6am and started cutting egg sheets and provolone cheese. 
Except for the "eyes" on his beetle hat and where his cape is tied around his neck, no cutters were used.  I used cake decorating tips for the few things I actually cut out.  I was going to use nori for his face, hair, and details on his cape but decided it would look more authentic if I used black food coloring to give a brushed look.  There's green rice behind Issun because, when he's tiny and riding Amaterasu, he emits a green glow.
I sort of phoned it in on the rest of the bento, mostly because I was tired and just wanted to be done and go back to bed for an hour.  Also, I'm low on veggies and that made things a little more difficult.
As I was packing it up and getting ready to take a picture, I decided Issun didn't look right without Dekomaru, so I carefully placed a bamboo pick to act as his faithful sword.  It made a bigger difference than I thought it would.  I finally sat down around 7:15am.
So, I figured that the total time to make this came out to 2 hours (including the prep-work the previous night).

I can't lie, I'm so proud I said I was going to do this and followed though.  It was difficult, but it turned out.  Hubs knew who it was and had doubts as to whether or not he should eat it (I take it as a compliment).  It will probably be a long time until I make a charaben this involved, but I'm sure I will actually make another.

May 26th - Bento Challenge Pac-Man!

Bento Contents:
-Rice w/Pepper and Garlic Chives (under the nori)
-Provolone Pac-Man (colored with food coloring pens)
-Tomato Ghosts (with kamaboko eyes)
-Cheddar Dots
-Blanched Green Beans
-Remaining tomato halves on lemon pick
-Steamed Broccoli

So, this was made for bento challenge.  It actually worked out well, because I had the provolone so that I could make my Issun bento (Saturday!)  I just brushed the non-shiny side of the cheese with color and popped it in the freezer to help the coloring dry and set.  Overall, I'm in love with this and I feel like I did a lot right.  I can't wait to hear what hubs thinks (but he works from 5pm-12am, so it'll be awhile before I hear!

Oh, and check out the awesome gamer paper I took the picture on!


Bento from Saturday (5/22) and Monday (5/25)

Bento Contents:
-Rice with Pepper and Garlic Chives
-Left-over Haddock from Blanc's Supper Club (with a sweet pickle on top)
-Baby Tomatoes
-Sliced Mushroom
-A Baby Carrot (only room for one)

It was one of those nice days, when I had lots of time to make hub's lunch.  To reheat the haddock, I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes.  This had the added bonus of making the breading crispy again.  Instead of a piece of fabric, I tried using some scrap booking paper I had on hand as a background.  I think it looks nicer, and may do this more often in the future.

Bento Contents:
-Salad (with tomatoes and provolone cheese)
-Sauce Piggies filled with Catalina Dressing
-Baby Carrots
-Zucchini Slices
-Raw Green Beans
-Cheese Curds
-Rice & Pre-cooked Shrimp in Sushi Age pouches (hub's LOVED these!)

I picked up the sushi age the day before, when I stopped at the Asian Grocery on my way back from a baby shower.  I was having some serious tooth pain and was driving past the place when I decided some green tea or azuki ice cream would make me feel better.  They had them both last time I was there, but neither this time.  Regardless, I picked up some things, including pink kamaboko for  my Issun bento (coming Saturday, I believe).
Expect lots of salads for the next few weeks.  My parents keep giving it to us, faster than I can use it - also due to the fact I can no longer chew solid foods (hurray for exposed nerves!).  Due to the exposed nerves, I won't be making bentos for myself until hubs and I can finance at least one root canal.  For now, cream soups, yogurt and Ensure - which no one wants to look at pictures of.  Oh well, mushroom and broccoli cheese bisque today (yum!)

A Picnic

Bento Contents:
-Oktoberfest Cheese Brats on Rye Bun
-Zucchini Slices
-Pickled Pepper & Sweet Pickle
-Cherry Tomatoes

Hubs and I had our first day of babysitting our 3-month-old niece yesterday.  With mommy approval, we made and had a picnic outside yesterday (it was so  nice out!).  It got a little windy, so we made The Bean a tent with her bouncy chait and a blanket, to keep the wind and sun off of her.

If you live near a Festival Foods that sells Oktoberfest Brats and you've never had them - get them!  They're amazing (probably my favorites!)
Took 20 minutes to put together.

May 19th - Lonely Bento

Bento Contents:
-Wheat Noodles with an Egg (and various herbs)
-Salad with Deli Chicken, Carrots
-Container Catalina Dressing

There's only one lunch today for a reason.  I'm giving my tooth/jaw a break - so I just made wheat noodles with broth for myself.  That's also why hubs has noodles in his lunch.  I'm having issues with the one burner on my stove, and I maintain that's how that egg cracked and became deformed.  Really, a quick throw together since I was feeling kind of cruddy this morning.
Time to make & pack - about 45 minutes.


May 18th - Octodogs!

Bento Contents:
-Chicken Onigiri
-Steamed Carrot slices
-Cheese Curds
-Wasabi Peas (mine only)

I was trying to figure out my protein source today, and I suddenly thought "octodogs!"  I know, I know, they're really bad for me.  It's a rare thing, though.  Since last year I could probably count on one hand how many times I've made them.  Normally, I use mini hot dogs.  Today I took 2 regular turkey dogs and cut them in half.  I think I like the look of these octodogs better than the mini hot dog kind.

As for the chicken onigiri - they are chicken onigiri because they were made with chicken better than bullion paste!  I just added a little extra water and mixed in the amount I needed.  When it was done cooking, I added some parsley and pepper, and mixed it all in.  Mine was molded with my flower mold, and hubs I hand molded - again.  At least I'm starting to get good at hand molding (and it's almost less of a fuss than using a mold).
I felt they needed some decoration, so I cut out a flower for mine (and pinned it on with a pick, because it kept sliding off) and butterflies for Hub's. 

I feel kind of bad.  Hubs second tier came out a little sparse and chaotic.  Then again, he keeps telling me that, on closing shifts, something light and finger food-like is a little better.

I guess that's it then.